For the pear designs, please go to the Pears tab.
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 Use a darker or unbleached linen, if not, change 1776 to the blue or 680 gold.

Miniature Sampler 2

 Stitched over two threads.

Miniature Sampler 1

Stitched over two threads.

Gold Star

Heart of Gold

 October Moon x 2


Sweet Liberty
 Had a request for the one with waves.  926 should be their color.
Bold Heart 


I you

Change the berries to red and the quilt star to your choice.


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Needle keep or roll

Size will depend on linen count. Stitch count is 82 x 32.
I used 28 count (or something close) and finished size of the keep was 2 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Sampler Bag or Needle roll

Merry Christmas

Forgive Sampler



Sandy Hook

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